In my previous post, on The Magic of Marketing, I mentioned how pertinent marketing is to the success of any business. And I also shared a framework for how you can ensure your marketing endeavours are highly productive.


In this piece, I will be showing the various ways you can market your business in this age.


1. Word-of-Mouth Marketing

Word-of-mouth marketing is selling your business with your own mouth.

Your mouth is one of the greatest marketing vehicle you've got. As much as you can and at every opportunity you get, you can tell people - friends, colleagues, neighbors, family members - about what you do. These people in turn, can tell other people they know too, and the awareness continues to spread.

This strategy works particularly well because it affords you the business owner, to talk about your business by yourself. And you know, no one understands your business like you do. So, you will be able to give the best information people will need to be persuaded to do business with you (persuasion is the goal of marketing).


2. Model Marketing.

Model marketing is about becoming a model of what you are selling.

For example, if you weave bags, you can market your products by wearing your own products.

The psychology behind this strategy is that, when people see you use what you sell, they will perceive that you are confident in your handiwork and will be persuaded to lend you some trust upfront.

However, if you do not model what you sell, when you possibly can, you will be sabotaging the success of your own business.

If you're a stylist and your personal clothings don't have style, whose going to want you to style them? People check to see what you have done for yourself before they ask what you can do for them. The more you have personally benefitted from what you offer to people, the better brochure you will become.


3. Traditional Marketing

This is marketing through the earliest and long-existing media of communication such as TV, radio and newspaper.

While the traditional media can be expensive, they can be so much effective in spreading the news of your business.

However, to utilize the media profitably, you must be sure they will deliver your message to your target audience not just the general masses.

Not every product that goes on TV or radio or that is published in the national dailies end up selling. If your audience are not TV or radio freaks or do not give a damn what the newspapers say, then it will be a waste of effort and resources investing in traditional marketing.


4. Relational Marketing

If there's one thing you should never forget in business, it is that marketing relies heavily on relationships, not only with customers but also with strategic partners who can help multiply your marketing efforts.

Success in business is not just about what you know - it's also about who you know.

Do you have friends that love to talk and share information, why not get them talking about your products?

How about those friends who have strong online presence? Such friends and often invaluable marketing resources. You can leverage their online presence and tap into their virtual community.


5. Referral Marketing

Satisfied customers can be the greatest evangelists for your business.

Asking your satisfied customers for referrals can be a valuable part of your marketing plan.

Have a consistent method for asking the customers you've got to suggest new ones.

"Do you have any friends or colleagues I should talk to?" is a natural way of expanding your market.



To be continued...




Olayiwola Oladeinde is a writer, trainer and coach. Through his writings and speeches, he inspires, guides and empowers individuals to become better versions of themselves and create wealth from doing the things they are good at and enjoy doing.

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