7 QUALITIES OF CREATIVE ENTREPRENEURS - Written by Olayiwola Oladeinde

Entrepreneurs are creative people. The engagement and expression of their creativity in manufacturing products and designing services that meet human needs, is the essence of their businesses.


Since the exercise of creativity is critical to business and entrepreneurship, it's essential that we take a careful look at it so as to understand what it entails.


What are the qualities common to every creative entrepreneur?


1.        Creative entrepreneurs understand that they possess the creative spirit.


They see creativity not as a rare gift bestowed on a chosen few but as a potential every human possesses. This understanding helps them trust their creative self and pushes them to engage their creative mind.


2.         Creative entrepreneurs see common things in uncommon ways.


They exercise new perspectives to everything they see or do. They always seek to see things in new ways in order to make connections and observations that others miss.


3.         Creative entrepreneurs are never afraid of being wrong.


They are always willing to stand for what they have discovered even at the expense of popular opinions or contrary suggestions. They can confidently go in the way of their intuition and attempt new things.


4.        They ask questions. Lots of them.


They ask the same question over and over again, seeking new answers. They ask different questions and keep asking loads of them.


5.        Creative entrepreneurs get rid of their self-imposed limitations.


They dispel whatever fears, ideologies, belief systems and doubts that can stop them from thinking, seeing and attempting new things.


6.        Creative entrepreneurs embrace failure positively.


They see them as feedbacks and opportunities to learn and make better attempts. They see mistakes as opportunities to innovate.


7.        Creative entrepreneurs recognize patterns.


They understand trends and are able to plug into them or disrupt them in their bid to produce different and even greater results.


8.        Creative entrepreneurs commit to learning.


They see learning as the juice that stimulates their creativity. They are quick to learn, unlearn and relearn.


9.        They always seek diversity of viewpoints.


They don’t see through a single lens. They employ different perspectives to a single problem, idea or situation. That way, they can get a different picture of the same thing.




Olayiwola Oladeinde is a writer, trainer and coach. Through his writings and speeches, he inspires, guides and empowers individuals to become better versions of themselves and create wealth from doing the things they are good at and enjoy doing.


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