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Whether you're visiting the DVD store, going for a movie date (alone or with friends) or just going to snuggle in bed or on a sofa to watch a movie, the choice of movie you make will still go a long way to either make or mar you date.

That is why has gone around the cybersphere to make a list of best trailer websites for your research and assurance purposes. Lets’ get crunching movie addicts

To top off my list had to be;


I literally got hooked on this website and that accounts for how user friendly the website is presented. It has a vast collection for upcoming, newly-released, and older movies. It also lets you view trailers by top films, coming soon, and out now.

On the navigations bar there’s a “Trailers” link which you can click to see a chronological list of trailers and “Categories” link to browse trailers by different categories. Needless to say, there’s a “functional” search button which helps you locate movies by their names and keywords.

The interesting thing about Traileraddict is that apart from the main trailer, each movie’s page also provides links to additional trailers and TV spots, as well as additional information about the movie. You can read a plot summary, fun facts about the movie, see some screenshots, and find information about the cast and crew.


YouTube is the worlds largest video website in the world and the most popular video website in the world and a fantastic place to watch movie trailers. You can search for the title plus the word “trailer” for most movies and find the official trailers released by studios for not only new but also older movies.

While the vastness of YouTube’s collection is not over emphasized it is worthy of note that YouTube is not a place to go if you don’t know what you’re looking for.

Coming Soon Trailer

Coming Soon is a movie gossip, news, and information portal and also has a dedicated section for movie trailers. Usually, websites that only have trailers don’t report anything about the movie until the trailer is released, but Comingsoon gathers all the information (confirmed and rumored) for publication on their website.

Apart from the movie trailer, you’ll also find the official posters, behind-the-scenes footage, staff interviews, and other information as well. If you follow gaming or Netflix series, you’ll enjoy Comingsoon even more as they cover those on their website, too.


IMDb, the Amazon-owned company, has one of the largest movie databases in the world. They also have a section on their website dedicated to trailers, and it’s updated as new trailers come out. There’s nothing special about watching trailers on IMDB, but just like with Rotten Tomatoes, if you’ve landed there via a web search for a movie or you’re an active member, you might as well take advantage.

Try this list and let me know which is your favorite in the comment section. 

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