10 Amazing Animal Facts

The peregrine falcon is renowned for its speed, reaching over 320 km/h (200 mph) during its characteristic hunting stoop (high-speed dive),making it the fastest member of the animal kingdom and it hunts birds during those dives.

Bears are also omnivores

1) Contrary to what people believe, the lion is not actually the king of the jungle as most lions hardly survive alone in the jungle, the title actually belongs to the tiger, who is the real king of the jungle. Lions live a social life and hunt in packs.


2) Despite being the heaviest cat in the cat family, the lion can chase a prey at 50 MPs. faster than many light weighted animals.


3) The pig is the 4th smartest animal on earth, behind dolphins (1st), primates (2nd) and elephants (3rd).

Although universally known as a dirty animal, the pig is actually one of the neatest animals around. Dirtiness comes from where and how the pig is reared.

And their body smell or odor is not as serious as the common he-goats. The pig is actually the 3rd best animal to keep as a pet when it comes to neatness, behind the rabbits and the cats, neater than dogs.


4) The pig is better at identifying scents than dogs. A dog can identify over 600 different scents, but a pig can identify over 1200 different scents.

People sometimes see pigs as a dirty animal because of how it plays in dirt or muds, but most times it is used to regulate their body temperatures, other large animals that does this includes seals, elephants, hippopotamus among others.


5) We may share a kinship with primates, but we have more things in common with the pigs. For example, pigs eat anything and everything they can anything at all, guess which other species eats like that? Humans. Pigs eat virtually everything humans eat and more.

Also, we have almost similar organs with the pigs. We share 70-80% similarity with primates in terms of organs of the body, but we share an amazing 92% similarity with pigs, so similar that the heart of a pig is the same with the heart of humans, the same size and shape.

Scientists have started working on performing a transplant of organs from pigs to humans, after carrying out a successful transplant on a chimpanzee.

If successful in humans, it will save over a thousand individuals every year since pigs are general donors, unlike primates that can only donate to those that are their blood type.


6) The elephant makes use of and accesses up to 47% of the part of their brains that holds memories, more than humans that access only about 26%, this is why elephants can remember people that were kind to them or harsh to them over 50 years ago.

Elephants are also known to mourn the loss of a family member for days, and when somebody who is very kind to them dies, they go to pay homage, they can trek over 2000 miles for this.

The elephant can also sense when there will be rain and can sense water from over 800 miles from where they are.


7) The elephant trunk is one of the strongest and multitasking part of the body of an animal, what is more, amazing is that the elephant trunk contains no actual muscle.

The trunk is used for smelling, drinking, trumpeting, eating among other things.

It can be used by an elephant to lift a load as heavy as 600 pounds. Elephants are also known as great swimmers and they use their trunk s as oxygen tube when swimming.


8. The wolf as research has shown is believed to have domesticated itself in order to become our domestic dogs so as to live and survive among humans.

Dogs, even though they have almost the same size as hyenas and foxes actually evolved from wolves as it has been proven by science that they share similar DNA.

The wolves are just two times bigger than the normal big dogs like German Shepherds.


9)The wolves are also known to be 30 times smarter than house dogs which is why it will be very hard for humans to domesticate wolves successfully.


10) Cats are the most popular pets in the world, with an average of 15 million cats in America alone, which is more than dogs and birds like pigeons.

This is quite possible, given that a female cat can give birth to over 20 kittens in just one birth.

Cats have also known to survive jumps from as high as the statue of liberty. This has led 

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