Interview: Ogunwale Paul is a 3D Modelling Artist who dreams of producing his own Animation Movie one day.

Good day Frillpeople, today we bring to you an exclusive rare talent in the 3D Modelling-sphere. Ogunwale Paul is student of Ladoke Akintola University and he works everyday to beat his current best. We spent some time getting to know him (although he didn’t have many words for us) and his work and we thought you’d like to know him too. 

Interviewer: Tell us about yourself 

Paul: My name is Ogunwale Paul Olusola. I’m a logo designer and a 3d modeling artist.

Interviewer: Tell us about your design

Paul: My design is my passion, since my early days all I just want to do is to redraw cartoons, and dream of creating my animated movies one day. It's tough getting started on this path in Nigeria, because almost everything is not in order for learning such. But when passion is in place ways will be opened.

Interviewer: What are your areas of specialty?

Paul: Maxon cinema 4D, Adobe illustrator and photoshop, etc

Interviewer: What is special about your design?

Paul: *simply solution* I believe design is not just how it looks or feels but how it works - Steve Jobs.
Interviewer: What advice do you have for those that want to go into designing?

Paul: 1- DEFINE YOUR PASSION - why do you want to learn design? Many get started on the wrong path and left disappointed when they didn't get their expectations in time.
2_ FEED YOUR PASSION.  The best way to learn is watching others do it, surround yourself with like minds. 
3_ START DOING.  Procrastination is not going to get you to anywhere.
4_ YOU DONT NEED TO BE THE BEST TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE, JUST BE DOING IT RIGHT! .... Never forget the process of growth...  Great things take time. 
5_ Always rely on God to break barriers for you.

Here are some of the rendered images of his work for your purview.

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Find more of his work on his portfolio 


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