Interview: Iconic DJ Azemix of +234Lounge takes frillxtra's #7QuestionsChallenge

To Flag off our Hashtag #7QuestionsChallenge we decided to talk to Lautechs' number one Disc Jockey, DJ Azemix. He is the home DJ of the Biggest club (+234Lounge) in Ogbomoso, a recent graduate and a motivator whose interest in growing other people has not been unnoticed in the industry. One may say, he is the start of a revolution

The hashtag #7QuestionsChallenge is aimed at getting entrepreneurs across various fields of exprecience to inspire and inform youths and student entrepreneurs about their hustle. will be selecting groundbreaking student entrepreneurs to talk more about their work with newbies and young adults alike. Do well to stay tuned.

Can you tell us a little more about yourself?
My name is Ayoola Azeez. I'm originally from Osun State, but I grew up in Lagos, Amuwo Odofin Area. I am a fresh graduate of Ladoke Akintola University of Technology (Lautech), studied Agricultural Economics. My hobbies are Disc jockeying, swimming, cooking, traveling and meeting cool people. 

How did you know DJing was for you?
Perception and learning from those around me. DJing was always part of me, I love to listen to music and I could instantly tell if a song is good or bad (no pun intended).

You're the home DJ of the Most popular Club in Ogbomoso, tell us how you did that start from the beginning?
It was really a tough one I must say, there were all sorts of challenges to conquer; Peer pressure, stigmatization, godfatherism and of course intimidation to mention a few. We are still pushing and we thank God. It all started in 2012, I was working at my cousin's (@captDJswagger) shop (Purple 'n' Vanilla). I told him I wanted to be a DJ  too and the training started. 
It wasn't easy we had to carry speakers, engines, one needed to learn how to deal with Electronic wirings (electric shoch is a real thing). We (me and my cousin) were both a team then. I also cooked and made popcorn for sale at our shows and for the shop. It was a tiring but nontheless an exciting one. 
Fastforward to being the DJ of DKits Hotel, Under-G, it was fun and challenging. That was when I started drawing the attention of my audience for real.  I worked there for two years, then Nest Hotel was really a monumental achievement in any DJ's career. I thought "it was too big for me, I can't work here". 
One thing led to another and I started lobbying to be part of the DJs, I was happily received by my boss and I've met a lot of DJs on the line; DJ Tomzy, DJ CueZy, DJ Virus, DJ Banger and DJ Jaskey my best man. 
A lot of people have come and left or moved on, but I remained dedicated and I worked for years. But we thank the Lord.

You recently graduated from lautech,  tell us about the challenges of mixing school and work?
It’s not easy combining schooling with everyday work On some days you have exams and you still have to work overnight. Most exam I applied the popular "La cram la pour" method after reading for 15 minutes before exam. It not an easy task combining school and work for anybody. But combining DJing and schooling, one need God's special grace. You just have to scale through its what makes you a man.

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Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years?
In a place where I would be happy in good health and of course in wealth  God bless us all

What makes your art different from the others and what advices do you have for newbies?
I don’t feel intimidated, most people have lots of gadget but I still manage the ones I have. I am myself and I don’t copy people or judge from them. I’m self disciplined and I practice like a hungry newbie. 
Our hustle is different, Don’t shame it. People look at DJs as bad boys or rude boys but really we are amazing. Focus on your work, Do rehearsals always, Do mix tape, Listen to it, Work more on scratch in and blending. There's still lots of things uncovered in Djing. God bless you my brothers. Up DJAN, One beat one voice.

Do you consider yourself lucky or Hardworking?
I’m hardworking I don’t joke with my work, I have played more than 1000 birthdays and  over 200 club nights and lots of events alongside. Perhaps we do cheat sleep at times from Friday night to wedding reception at times. And we are still hard working and lucky cus It by his Grace I'm breathing so I’m lucky to be alive to do more.
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It’s always thrilling.

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