INTERVIEW: A sit-and-Talk with Morin Quadri a Startup Brand Manager and Co-founder of Pi3cer

Morin Quadri is a self taught; creative writer, concept and character artist, marketing strategist, creative consultant and a co-founder at Pi3cer which is a thriving Branding agency.  He also does photo manipulation for fun. 

What do you do at Pi3cer?

 Pi3cers Logo

I am the co- founder and Chief Creative Officer at Pi3cer and We are a communication agency with a mission to help business build and nurture emotional connection with their audience.

In a much more general term, We create Identities for business that helps them connected to the heart of their audience.

What makes you different from other identify creators?

Unlike other brands, Pi3cer revolves around three major values which are;

    Our believe in You (Your Brand, Idea),
    Our believe in the power of an audience
    Our believe in the power of a good story.

We combine these 3 principles to build an emotional connection from a brand to her audience through storytelling. Storytelling has existed ever since the creation of man and it is the most trusted medium of passing information. We share stories in form of written content, Design, videos and more.

How do you stay relevant?

Our target audience are CEOs and business executives; we currently provide free consultation services, as well as educative content that would help them maintain and grow their brand, in the  heart of their audience through social media and other personal media. We also create unique ideas for brands we work with that will push them further towards achieving their goal.

How does one become a creative writer?

Keep learning and keep Practicing.

Care to expantiate?

That's  basically the best advice I ever got.  Becoming a Creative writer requires one to consistently learn and improve their vocabulary, Consistently practice through jobs (Paid and not paid) and by taking on challenges. Try new styles, write for unique audiences. Creative Writing allows one to spread his wings. Its like every other art. Learn - Practice - Grow

Branding as well is a continuous process, the more you do it, the more you understand your business.

What do you think is the relevance of branding in the current decade of social media presence?

Okay. Generally, what I mostly illustrate is the typical scenario in Nigeria. Most start up brands never leaves their base before crashing because they failed to brand. Yeah, branding may cost money but it makes a business or product worth triple of its original worth. In an era where everyone is starting a business and consumers are not sure who to trust, there is no better time to work on your brand management in order to stand out. there are no longer unique business or ideas  in the world, just unique purpose. Brand management describes this purpose. I'd like to ask you; Would you buy a Coca Cola drink if the Coca Cola on the bottle was written with Google font?

What's your view on the current societal trend in Nigeria and it's youths?

Growing up in Nigeria, a lot of beliefs and ideas have been disproved, which has affected how we view so many other societal factors. Most youth of today found the world to not be what we have been made to imagine as younger kids and this has left us to create our unique paths some of which may be morally far from the other. Also, the internet has played a major role in exposing us to so many situations that leaves us to question our major beliefs. In other words, we are only beginning to understand and embrace diversity; lets see how it goes. The fight is only just starting for Africa, Nigeria.

Does Pi3cers have training arrangement made for interested applicants?

Yes. We host a free training once every year on topics between Creative writing, branding, Content Creation. but for our interns and other team members, we hold a class monthly where we invite the brand's mentors to educate us more on the industry.

Could you give us an idea of what professionals make up Pi3cers?

Currently, we have two teers of professionals who make up Pi3cer; Our partners and Cr3os (Creatives within Pi3cer). For now, They are Content creators; writers, designers, artists, cinematographer.

What advices do you have for young entrepreneurs like yourself?

Collaboration is Key. Americans never had an America to run to while their country was developing. They collaborated and competed at the same time. Which sights the importance of branding; Samsung supplies Apple with some of their hardware, yet to the public think they are competitors.

Setting up Pi3cer what are the challenges you had to overcome?

Financial challenges for marketing and hiring professionals. Building an efficient team, we are still struggling with it. Breaking through the mindset of our audience.

What's your take on this interview with

I think it is awesome. I'm very honoured to have this opportunity and I hope what I have shared will inspire other entrepreneurs and bring us closer

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