Best Video Apps for Android

Watch videos on your android? Here’s a list best app for your video experience

Watch videos on your android? Here’s a list best app for your video experience

The Android mobile devices today have incorporated a lot of other characteristics that make them one of  the most functional objects we carry everywhere we go.  The ability to play videos is one the functions that make phones today a lot more than black boxes that receive telephone calls.

Well if you are like me, you probably watch complete movies on your mobile phone too. Here’s the best applications on the web for this fun activity

  1. VLC media Player


No one on our list today is the popularly known VLC Media Player. You probably know that already as it supports screen seeking. That is you can move the timer to exact time spots by swiping the screen  horizontally. The fun does not stop there, as you can increase and decrease  brightness and volume by swiping vertically on the right or left side of the screen respectively. Double tapping the screen while playing also pauses the video.

You will also agree with me that the automatic orientation with the phone, regardless the phone’s orientation setting comes in handy sometimes. It only gets pretty annoying when it turns upside down when you’re trying to watch a video in bed, well there’s a lock button for that isn’t there.

In addition, all this features are hidden so it doesn’t block your video screen as you enjoy your favorite videos.

It is also the best platform for video playing on any device. Quote me on that.- Download your free version on Playstore today and enjoy

  1. MX Player


Well you will agree with me that MX Player is a competitive runner up on the Android Platform. With its nice looking blue and white logo MX player has been known to play most kinds of media files. It also support the seek, brightness and volume gesture which makes it a rather confortable media player for the android.

It is always easier to know if a video has a subtitle file with MX Player as it shows a rather foreign text logo on the top right corner of the screen, which informs about the presence and toggles on and off the subtitle track.

Download your free version of MX Player today

  1. Google Video Players

Google designed  video player aced the two above on listing the videos as its provides the best list (or grid) display of locally available videos  on the phones storage. It arranges  the videos in a chronological order which makes searching for latest videos easy and it video playing experience is seamless.

  1. UC Media Player

If you have UC browser on your phone then  you have UC Media Player. The designers of UC Browser equipped it with a media player which some found interesting and prefer to native video players. Well the choice really lies with you, but this is also a very nice media player to try out.


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