TOP 5 websites for Interview Preparation

Interviews can be marrow-chilling experiences, knowing everything you do counts to either help you land that dream job or lose it tends to make people fret. In the past, interviews are surrounded with the aura of the unknown. No one knows what kind of tests the candidate will be screened through, hence preparation is generally and haywire experience.

Research, however, has discovered that most big companies have a modus operandi in carrying out new employee interviews and this procedures have been made public by some candidates and interviewers alike in the past few decades taking the daunting aura of unknown out of the equation.

Here's a list of Top 5 websites dedicated to helping you score that interview and land that dream job;


Ambition Box Landing Page

Topping the list is my personal favourite. Ambition Box is a website which posses the largest collection of interview questions on the internet. While being the biggest boy on the internet, Ambition Box is also very easy to use as its home screen sports search bar which you can use to find interview questions related to your field of experience.

The search bar makes it my favourite because one can search interview questions by various categories including Company name, salary structure etc.

To put Icing on the cake Ambitionbox also informs you of the salary structure, benefits attached and company reviews in terms of job security, career growth, company culture, work satisfaction etc making you familiar with the company before you walk through their front door. 

And... Its all absolutely free


GainLo Landing Page

Gainlo basically takes your job description and provides with a fitting mock interview for your exclusive interview experience and produces results immediately. That way you can prepare for the big screen on your phone or PC


AcetheInterview Landing Page

AceTheIntervieiws comes second place because of it three way services. It provides you with mock interviews to prepare for your interview, helps you fix your curriculume vitae to proffessional perfection and provides you with advices on professional development skills. Too many words may not fill your thirst for more information. Click now for your personal tour


GeeksforGeek Landing Page

Geeks for Geeks has a tagline that says "A computer science portal for Geeks" and it lives up to its name and tagline. It is a forum for computer geeks which provides everything a computer science professional may need in their career. They also share interview experiences and question for free. 

Leetcode Landing Page

Leetcode Prides itself as the best website that prepares people for technical interviews. It also offers various relivant courses you may find useful in you field of study.

Head out to this websites and tell us what you think.

Is this list incomplete and incorrect in your opinion? Let us know in the comments.

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