Nigerian Lady cries out for help as internet fraudster “Yahoo boy” scams her friend of up to 5million Naira

Nigerian Lady who prefers to be anonymous send alarming message to outlining the escapades of a Nigerian fraudster who has romanticized and burrowed into her friend’s purse during their period of friendship.

Here’s a Transcript of the voice note as received.

My friends name is Cynithra BlessedProphet on Facebook, I want people to message her. So they can hear her side of the story.

So this guy called Oladeji Mayowa connected this my friend on facebook. He added her up and proceeded to start a relationship with her knowing she had a minor injury in the past and is partially handicapped. During the course of their “online” relationship he proposed to her after making her fall in love with him. He promised to go to US to get married to this lady.

Every month, while the relationship was on, the lady in question sends him roughly two hundred thousand Naira for upkeep. That’s separate from the money she sends to him to complete his travelling papers so they can be together and get married. According to the lady she has spent 3000 USD on the procurement of travelling documents.

Unknown to the Lady, the guy in Nigeria is already married with a kid and the guy never planned to travel to America or get married to her.

To cut the story short, after lies upon lies he informed Cynithra that all the travelling documents were ready and sent images travelling documents to her (which I already sent to be attached to this post) and made her believe everything was set him to travel. At this turn of event She sent him Four Hundred Thousand Naira for the flight tickets and some pocket money for the trip. His arrival was set for Friday.

That Friday was when she got to know that all the travelling documents were fake because the guy staged a scene with his family (his mother, father, brothers and wife included). They got a bandage on his head and made the whole scene look like he was terribly injured (video attached). His mum messaged my friend to inform her was mugged and badly injured and they need Four Hundred thousand Naira for a urgent brain surgery.

Meanwhile the staged picture and video had been scrutinized and it has been found that all the blog spills and smears were lipstick and blood tonic. We also got someone who lived close-by to check on him and he was found hale and hearty. My friend quickly sprang into action and uploaded some pictures on his facebook proving he was a scam. This development ultimately “resurrected” from his coma within 2-3 hours of receiving his Mum’s message, to inform my friend that their house has been used as a collateral to pay for his surgery and all sort of story. I will like to reiterate the fact that all this happened in the space of 12 hours.

We don’t need him to refund the money because we already know he’s totally broke. We just want this thing he’s done to go viral and maybe follow him for the rest his life, thereby teaching him a lesson. Because he duped my friend of about 5 Million Naira which is a whooping sum.


Well there it is, the words of the victims friend herself, what’s you take of this story frill people, Let us know in the comment section.


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