Man who has visited 51,000 pubs makes Guinness world record

Bruce Master, 74 who started chugging beer at 15 just recorded his visit to the 51.695th pub. He claims to cost averagely 1000 pubs a year and 20 a week. This Addiction did not go off as cheap has he has spent more that $120,000 on beer in his life time.

Bruce from Flitwick, Bedfordshire used his Early retirement in 1996 to step up his effort and he is believing to have belied 42,000 pints of beer in his endeavour. He usually stick to half pints to be able to rake in more pubs and keeps a spreadsheet file of the pubs he's visited.

He has defied his daughters’ pleas to slow down adding: “I’m planning to be a centenarian. I can’t imagine how many pubs I’ll have visited by then. I’m hoping to never stop.”

Bruce judges a bar by its welcome,  beer and it's toilet. 

He has made the world record beer drinker

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