Twin Paradox as explained by Adedeji Opeyemi

Firstly, what is your basic understanding of general relativity. If little then count yourself lucky because we are on the same side. Physics as we know it is the study of everything there is, was, will be and in between

Twin paradox is a tricky, yet simple aspect of general relativity, it simply explains that. If one of a pair of twin zooms off at close to the speed of light as possible (90% of the speed of light). He or she will experience less or slower time compare to his twin who is stationary on earth. This simple, yet brain-racking scenario gives physicists the chills as it is law that speed of light remains the same regardless of who or where it is measured from be it from Mars, Neptune in the Black or worm hole or in a vacuum.

A question for the inquisitive mind; Do you think time is absolute in every sense? Do you think there is a universal clock in the universe in a tick tock that denotes a second? More so, do you think time moves in a straight line? Do well to stay tuned.

Unto the big question, “Twin Paradox” Imagine with me, a box of equal sides with a small ball at the base, with each cycle the ball moves from the bottom of the box to the top of the box denoted as a second. Because of the laws of Physics is applicable in all situation thus time passes normally for both of them. But when twin A move at 99% speed of light it experience less time because the faster you move through space the slower you move through time.

Thus, if A travel to a planet Z which is 4 light years away and makes a U-turn. A find that B has aged more than he has. This is due to acceleration.

To make this much simpler, lets break it down; A is moving at close to speed of light he can say he see B moving away from him and also see his clock ticking slower this is where the paradox set in as both traveler can claim they saw the other moving away and also sees their clock ticking slower but the reality of it is that when  A travel to planet Z he has to make a U-TURN thus time has to slow down rapidly. Remember, the faster you move through space the slower you move through time. Thus, time has to compensate for lost time. The reality of it is that when A travel to planet Z he moves at the speed of light thus time slows down when he makes his way back to the twin B.



Adedeji Opeyemi is a Phsyiology Student of Ladoke Akintola University who's penchant for knowlegde about the Universe and how it works is extremely insatiable. He likes to read the oddest of things and wow his friends with his collection of awfully correct facts.


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